TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard

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Train hard, train smart with the Large Hydrofoil Ankle Float. The LHYDAFL is specifically designed for core development and strength training, as it forces the swimmer to tighten his or her abdominals and lower back muscles to maintain proper positioning and form.

An industry-first design features easy-on/easy-off circular cuffs that fit securely around ankles, so they wont slip or slide. Depending on which side you wear it, this TYR ankle float offers two different levels of resistance. When the flatter size is facing up toward your knees (TYR logo is upright), the resistance is greater. When the contour side is facing up toward your knees (TYR logo is upside down), the resistance is lessened.

Engineered for swimmers who weigh 155 lbs & under.

Convex base | Arrowhead design

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