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The Snorkel Replacement Head Bracket fits the Swimmer's Snorkel, Glide Snorkel and Freestyle Snorkel. The bracket uses a TPR padding that cushions the forehead and evenly distributes pressure. The silicone strap fits snugly around the head, and the streamlined design of the Replacement Head Bracket prevents additional drag. Easy-to-adjust side clips securely fit any head size, and a rubber collar holds the snorkel tube stable.

  • Soft TPR padding cushions forehead and evenly distributes pressure
  • Easy-to-adjust side clips securely fit any head size
  • Silicone strap fits snugly around the head 
  • Streamlined design prevents additional drag
  • Compatible Snorkels: Original Swimmer's Snorkel, Glide & Freestyle Snorkel

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