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Why DragSox?

A powerful kick is essential for speed. To be competitive in swimming you need to have a strong whitewater kick. Your kick needs to be your driving force. Using DragSox can help you develop the strength, power and endurance to drive you through your race of choice.

As the swimmer moves through the water, DragSox greatly disturb the laminar movement of water, cause turbulence, and create an area of low pressure directly behind the swimmer. This area of low pressure essentially sucks the swimmer backward without altering his/her body position or technique. To overcome this suction, the swimmer has to exert more energy, which is the intended purpose of DragSox.

They are great for kicking, pulling and swimming, with and without fins.

DragSox are one size fits all. They come in 3 degrees of resistance: 30, 45, 60. We highly recommend starting with DragSox 30 or 45. It will add a lot of resistance to your swimming. The 60 is extremely difficult to start with.

Please note: Due to high demand, some orders will receive DragSox with the "alternate tubing option," as we do not have the "traditional tubing option" available in all sizes. 

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