TYR Men's Shockwave High Waist Camo Jammer Tech Suit

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Size: 22
Color: Black
K&B Price:
$360 MSRP: $399.99
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The latest in men’s technical performance, Shockwave™

This high compression tech suit utilizes Shockwave Dual Fabrication to create targeted muscle stabilization and added structured flexibility, controlled muscle undulation, and reduced drag, while boosting natural lift for optimized positioning in the water. Shockwave’s Hamstring Snapback Taping™ technology is an innovation that allows a return on the already exerted energy of the swimmer by targeting and compressing the hamstring during the swimmer’s upkick to create a return of energy, propelling him and increasing distance per kick.

-Surface lift technology
-Shockwave Hamstring Snapback Taping™
-20mm supersonic flex bonding
-FINA Approved

-360° stretch
-Speed dry fabrication
-Smooth leg gripper
-Maximum compression

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