TYR Women's Limited Addition Venzo Phantom Open Back Tech Suit -- Size 24 in Onyx Only

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After TYR created the TYR Venzo™ Genisis Open Back Tech Suit, but before they perfected the Phantom Oblivion Open Back Tech Suit, there was the TYR Venzo™ Phantom Open Back Tech Suit. This limited addition suit has the same body construction of the Phantom Oblivion, but with the classic  Venzo™ Genisis pattern.  

This suit has a patent pending taping and inner textile design known as the suit’s Endo Mid Compression Cage™ provides a shield of support for the abdominals and obliques, while no taping on the quads yields a less compressive fit on the legs. This cage not only creates a snapback effect in the water but also helps to increase distance per stroke. Working in tandem with this technology is the Venzo’s Seamless Exo Shell™, a sleek construction geared toward streamlining body position. Finally, the Venzo’s bonded Endless Straps provide athletes with a state-of-the-art combination of comfort and stability as they move effortlessly through the water.

TYR Sport is proud to note that the Venzo™ is manufactured in the U.S.A of imported goods.

TYR Fabrication: 70% Nylon / 30% Lycra Spandex

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