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Best fitting tech suit for women ever, Carbon Duo is made of carbon technology bottom and open-back one-piece. As a two-piece racing swimsuit, you can choose separate top and bottom sizes for a totally customized fit. Plus it’s easier to get into and ensures the right balance of compression and freedom of movement. Unique to arena, this revolutionary design will put you on the vanguard of swimming. Mix and match colors to show off your personal style. Patent Pending.

Our Carbon Duo Bottom for women are cut from an innovative racing textile. Carbon fibre is woven into a stretch fabric in a grid pattern and locks down on muscles with intelligent compression. The bottom are unlined since the Carbon Duo One-piece worn over them creates a second layer where needed. This design streamlines the lower body for effortless glide and is finished with our three-diamond logo.

Wear under our Carbon Duo One-piece.


52% Polyamide / 47% Elastane / 1% Carbon Fiber

Care Instructions

In order to ensure that your Arena swimsuit provides you with the best possible performance for a long time to come, we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • rinse immediately after use, in non-chlorinated water;
  • do not leave the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container for a long time;
  • do not expose the wet swimsuit in a bag or other container to direct sunlight;
  • wash with detergents suitable for delicate clothes;
  • air-dry away from heat sources.

Follow the washing instructions given on your product label.
The label provides useful symbols giving information on how to take best care of it.

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