How should I care for my swimsuit?

Pool chemicals and oil residues can be damaging to swimwear containing Lycra™ spandex. To prevent damage to your swimwear, rinse your suit in cold water immediately after each use. Do not put your suit in the dryer. Always hang dry in a well-ventilated space, as mildew will cause premature deterioration of your swimsuit.

How should my swimsuit fit?

We recommend buying a suit that is the right size now, not a size too big, hoping your child will “grow into it.” A fitted suit retains its shape and chlorine-resistance better than one that is too loose in the water. A suit that fits right should be taut and smooth across the torso, and it should pass the strap test: Slip a thumb under the top of one strap and lift. The strap shouldn’t reach your earlobe.

Over the course of a season a swimsuit can stretch as much as a full size. So in most cases it s better to go smaller than larger. Please note that size charts are only estimates and guidelines to help you in the fitting of your swimsuit. Even with proper care your swimsuit will have a limited life span.

What kind of goggles are best for me?

Goggles are a personal preference. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. The most important goggle factor is fit, also known as not leaking.

A few things to consider:

  • A press-on fit
    Without using the strap do the goggles stay on your eyes for more than a split second?
  • A comfortable fit
    With adjusting, does the center piece (over the nose) feel right, without cutting your skin? Do they goggles feel good on your eyes with the strap? If they have foam, is it sufficient to both form a seal and cushion the sharp edges of the goggles?
  • Tint
    A smoke- or dark-colored or mirrored goggle is good for bright areas, while clear or lightly colored ones are better for dim or indoor use.

Goggle Styles:

  • Swedish Style
    Goggles with no gaskets are commonly known as Swedish goggles. These are very popular, are very adjustable, and can be inexpensive. Just make sure you are comfortable with the feeling of the goggles edge around your eyes.
  • Foam Gasket Style
    Adding foam gaskets can make goggle fit easier. It softens the contact point between the goggles and your skin and can conform to irregularities. However, the shape and size of the goggle will affect how well they fit (round, oval, big, small, etc.) and the foam could separate from the goggle with age, causing leakage.
  • Hard Rubber, Silicone, or Other Gasket Style
    The side portion of the goggle is manufactured from a softer plastic so the contact point between the goggles and your skin is softened by forming a gasket-like seal out of this same material. These work well for many people and avoid the problem of gasket.